Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday Night.

I've read all the newspaper all over again. I've watched the LSU football team win their game, barely, and I''ve even taken a little nap. It's not bedtime yet, and I've watched enough TV for one day. If I was like our dog Buzz I'd find a stick and chew on it. That's what he does when he gets bored. He is a lot of fun to watch when he does that.

I don't like long winter days. It is dark when you wake up, and it has been dark hours before it is time to go to bed. I do like to cuddle up in my warm bed and sleep under a warm comforter when it is cold. Guess you can't have everything you like all the time. You have to take the bad and hope for the good.

I hope these cold nights don't kill my plants. My little porch is full of hanging plants. I pray that they are sheltered enough

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