Monday, November 19, 2012

A Visit From The Girls

Sunday morning when the phone rang at 8:00 AM I wondered "What's Up?" I was my granddaughter with her usual "What are you doing Memaw?' I told her I was eating my breakfast. I was hungry and made some muffins and bacon and egg. She said she was coming to visit, so I said I'll save you a muffin.

I hung up the phone, finished my breakfast and then started to plan what I could fix for an easy fast lunch. She was bringing my two beautiful little blonde haired great-granddaughters and their mother with her. I made a salad for us big girls, and had hotdogs and chocolate pudding for the little cuties. We had a really good visit . The girls played and we enjoyed a long visit. To me it was an early Thanksgiving Day. Thank you girls for making a good day for me.

We have another lovely fall day today. Cold nights and mild sunny days. Who could ask for anything more? I was told that I need some vitamin D, so I should go outside and soak up some sun. I plan to do just that this afternoon.

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