Monday, March 25, 2013

Queen For A Day.

This weekend has been very special for me. It's like a fairy godmother came and cleaned all the pollen and dirt off my little back porch, and then on top of all that hard work, filled it up with bright new flowers. How proud can you be after all that? Now that it is spring, and I do say it lightly because the wind is raw outside and has been for two days, I can enjoy being outside on the porch.My daughter-in law was so sweet to do all the cleaning for me. Then she went shopping for the flowers and put them in pots. I'll be grateful. This made me feel like a Queen for the day.

I told my son this cool, or cold spell, is called blackberry winter. He said he had never heard that expression before. That is what my parents use to call it. I asked him if the blackberry were blooming and he said yes, well that's what the old timers called it,  and sometimes it just happens at Easter time. We have a full moon at night and clear azure blue skies in the day, and a light jacket makes it just right.

Every one is anxious to get their yards cleaned up for the Easter holiday. The grass has got to be cut and trimmed, and the vegetable garden has to be planted. It's a busy time of year. When I was a kid out on the farm we were allowed to go barefoot while we planted potatoes. It was so much fun pulling off those old shoes and feeling that cool dirt on your feet. What fun!!

we have a full moon

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Along Comes Pollen.

From my front door I can see the beauty of spring. What a glorious view that is. But spring also brings along the pollen. We live in pine country, do I have to say more? Everything is covered with the yellow pollen from the beautiful pine trees.

This morning I had the bright idea that I would clean my screened porch and get it ready to enjoy the nice weather. I took a pain killer for my aching back, my little hand clippers to trim my Plumbego that I had neglected and the frost had done a bad job on it, and my trusty old broom that I have had since I moved here in 1998.  Gee, now I'm aging myself, but that's no secret. I surely bit off more than I could chew this time. I did the front stoop, cut the dead branches and twigs off the plant and swept away the pollen. Now I go to the back porch. What a mess?

Everything is covered with this yellow dust. It was and is so thick that I didn't want it to get on my shoes. I didn't want to carry it back inside my house. I didn't want to get that stuff on my new carpet. I swept a path to the plants that needed water, then I looked over the situation and decided I'd try that another day.

I'm thankful I'm not allergic, but I don't want to take chances. I don't need anything else to cause me pain. Hopeful for another day. .

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Is Finally Here.

If you live out in the rural area, I mean country, in the south. You can hardly wait until the dull browns on the trees and grass are gone. My friend kept saying to me {March 20th is spring} and I do believe she is right this time.

Last night was a good night for sleeping. We even had a quiet shower during the night, and I slept late. The birds were so busy and noisy, the sound was beautiful. You have to live here to know what I mean. I made my usual breakfast of cereal and plenty of coffee, two big cups, and I was ready for the day. I did the few chores that needed done and then went out into the yard to see what was new.

It was as if our yard wake up from a long sleep. The peach trees, the crabapple, pear, and mayhaw trees are all in bloom. The azaleas, bridleswreath, sweet olive and camelia bush are in full bloom. Looks like heaven on earth. This with the azure of the sky, it's just about perfect.

To make it perfect, I've got to put out my humming bird feeder. I saw one of these beautiful little birds this morning. I also have to put out my little wren houses that I was given at Christmas. The little wrens were on my front stoop this morning looking for something to build their nest. I can help them out. Now, I'll just have to muster up enough energy to get outside an enjoy another spring.