Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Dose of Medicine.

I had a dose of medicine this morning that lifted my spirits to the moon. My grandson and lovely bride and their beautiful little blonde haired girls came to see me. It was such a joy to have them. Only if I had a little bit of their energy. Worked better than any pill I've ever taken. Thanks kids for making me feel so well.

I grew up in a large family and our medicine cabinet, if we had on, consisted of Sam salve, turpintine, iodine, castor oil, and a few other things that slip my mind. If you had to swallow castor oil once you would get well quickly. Thank goodness we were a healthy bunch of kids. There were no obese children in my family. We worked hard and ate what we grew on the farm. Our diet was mostly vegetables from the garden. You can't do any better than that.

There were two doctors in our little town, and they surely didn't get rich from doctoring us. Other than delivering a baby once in a while. That didn't happen often because the rest of the babies we attended by mid-wives. We were a lucky or healthy bunch.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvest rains.

I've been a little confused, no not confused, I'd rather say mixed up for a couple of days. Anyway I'm back.

This is a rainy Saturday. A good day to read a book or watch football on television. Or better yet watch a good movie and eat popcorn. All are good ideas. Any way it's a good day to relax.

When I was a kid living on the farm, rainy weather meant we could stay at the house and do the chores around there. My dad would have a long face because the fluffy white cotton was getting wet.The rain stained the white bolls of cotton and that lowered the price he could get for it. We didn't have mechanical pickers then, all the cotton was picked by hand. It was a hard tedious job, but we had to do it. My dad would hire pickers to get his cotton crop picked.

Everybody had their own cotton sack. My mon would sew them on her sewing machine. The sack was a long tube with a strap to go around your shoulder. You picked the fluffy cotton out of the bolls and put in the sack. You pulled the sack along as you moved down the rows of cotton. When the sack got full you took it to the wagon and had it weighed. Then it was emptied into the wagon. My dad kept records and when the weigh reached enough for a bale, the wagon with cotton was taken to the gin to be processed.

When we lived in the cotton country several years ago, harvesting cotton was a different story. The mechanical picker would start early in the morning and by sundown the field would be cleaned of cotton and modules of cotton bales would be lined up ready to be taken to the gin. Needless to say the operator of the picker enjoy listening to his radio, using his Iphone or whatever he could handle while he picked cotton.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Don't Like Being Old.

I've discovered that you go through life thinking every day is a good day, Then you see a few grey hair show up in your beautiful blonde hair. Then a few tired lines show up around your eyes and the corner of your mouth. That's not so bad as when you notice you've gained a little too much weight, now its time to do something about that. You start a little diet to get rid of the bulge, but that doesn't last long. You've got to eat something because you fill empty inside. So much for the diet, it went out the window.

Next thing you know your eyes are giving you trouble. You can't see as well as you use to. Thank goodness your new reading glasses work really well. You can thread a needle again. Then you find out from the Doctor that your blood pressure is way too high. Thank goodness again for the medication that makes it get back to normal. Everything is going to be OK now. I'm over the hump.

Sounds like its gonna be easy going from now on. So I thought. It was nice doing all the things I love to do. I went places and did things I'd always wanted to do. What fun, that is until I had trouble with my back and had to have surgery. Now its down hill all the way.

Now let's get serious. This past year is trying to do me in. I was diagnosed as having Dermatomyositis, an idiopathic, cell-medicated, inflammatory disease of the skin and muscles. It's a miserable disease that has no cure, and the treatment can cause all kinds of bad things to a person. I spent all morning today getting my eyes checked for cataracts. I was having trouble reading fine print. Guess what? My next thing to do is have these cataracts removed. I'm not giving up yet. I've got a long way to go yet.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday is Washday

It's still a warm day I discovered when I awoke this morning. What should I expect, its still September. Mondays are busy days around here, but you wouldn't thinks so if you saw the way the big yellow dog was sprawled out on the driveway taking his early morning nap. He was busy all night chasing all the wild creatures of the night. Let him sleep, I've got things I need to do.

This is the day to do the laundry that I've let pile up over the last week. Anyway, this is Monday and washday. It is so easy to throw all the soiled clothes in the washing machine, add some soap powder, and push the buttons. All I have to do is turn on the TV and wait until the washer runs its cycle. Good time now to watch a movie and relax. I didn't relax, my mind started wandering to way back yonder.

When I was a little kid washdays were a lot different. There was a big iron pot in our back yard. We filled it with water and then built a fire under the pot to heat the water. We had to pump the water by hand to fill the pot. We also pumped enough water to fill two tubs. One was to scrub the clothes in and the other was used to rinse the clothes in. We used the water from the iron pot to heat the tubs of water, and to boil the stubborn stains that didn't come clean with scrubbing. The scrub board did a good job on the clothes, but it was tough on the hands. Then the clothes were hung on the clothes line to dry.

That last paragraph makes me tired just thinking about. My laundry is finished, folded and put away and I didn't get tired.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings bring many memories to mind. Especially one like this, when the sky is so blue and the temperatue is within reason. Fall is surely on the way.

On the farm where I was brought up, Sunday was a day of rest. The mules and plow was put away for the day and they rested until Monday morning. We kids were dressed in our best home-made dresses and mail-order shoes and sent off to church. We walked two miles to the little Methodist church in town. It was a special time. We went to Sunday school to hear stories from the Bible taught by a lovely little lady that was always there on a Sunday morning. Then there was the long walk back home.

Did I say this was a day of rest? When we got home from church we found Mama busy in the kitchen preparing a nice Sunday dinner. She didn't get to rest till we were all fed. Of course she didn't do all of this by herself, we girls helped. We cooked, we cleaned the kitchen after the meal was over and then we could rest.

Our afternoon were spent playing with neighbor friends. We made our own games. We climbed trees, played ball or any games that kept us outside of the house. We had fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trip to the grocery store.

Gee, it was nice weather when I got out of my warm bed this morning,  After going to the kitchen to make myself a nice pot of coffee and to take my daily meds, I cuddled up in my favorite chair with my cup of coffee and watched a movie. You can only do this if you live alone like I do, all my little chicks have long ago left the nest and the love of my life was taken away years ago, so now its just me. I can do what I wish to do anytime I wish to do it. It's a good life.

Today is grocery shopping day. This is the chore I dislike most. I like to cook and I love to eat, but its that thing you have to do first, buy grocerys. Do I buy healthy or do I buy what I like to eat? Most of the time I do a little of both. Thank goodness for TV dinners and prepared foods. They come in really handy for live aloners like me. I do cook occasionally, but not the same as when all the family was running around in the house wanting to know "What's for dinner". I do miss that.

The sky is so beautiful today. It is so blue and there are no clouds floating around. Makes me want to get outside and dig in the dirt. Those days are gone, but I can dream, can't I? I did water my ferns that are hanging on my screen porch this morning. Every thing out therelooks nice and green after this hot summer weather. I am so thankful that cooler weather is around the corner.

Friday, September 21, 2012