Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings bring many memories to mind. Especially one like this, when the sky is so blue and the temperatue is within reason. Fall is surely on the way.

On the farm where I was brought up, Sunday was a day of rest. The mules and plow was put away for the day and they rested until Monday morning. We kids were dressed in our best home-made dresses and mail-order shoes and sent off to church. We walked two miles to the little Methodist church in town. It was a special time. We went to Sunday school to hear stories from the Bible taught by a lovely little lady that was always there on a Sunday morning. Then there was the long walk back home.

Did I say this was a day of rest? When we got home from church we found Mama busy in the kitchen preparing a nice Sunday dinner. She didn't get to rest till we were all fed. Of course she didn't do all of this by herself, we girls helped. We cooked, we cleaned the kitchen after the meal was over and then we could rest.

Our afternoon were spent playing with neighbor friends. We made our own games. We climbed trees, played ball or any games that kept us outside of the house. We had fun!

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