Thursday, February 21, 2013

66th Wedding Anniversary

Some things slip your mind and you can't remember, but one thing is embedded there forever. This is what I remember from my wedding day.

I lived in Helena, Arkansas in a rooming house with five other girls. My room-mate was my sister. All the girls went to work this day, except me. It is my wedding day! None of the girls had automobiles, so the all rode the city bus to work. I had errands to run today, so I also rode the bus. I could have walked to the shoe store to purchase my shoes, but I didn't ride because I really couldn't afford to spend the seven cents for the bus ride. I really needed the shoes, I needed low heels as I didn't want to be taller than my groom. I found the perfect shoes with the help of the store clerk, who was especially helpful since he knew me from the announcement in the paper.

My next trip was to the next town to get my hair done. My good friend was also my hairdresser, and we were getting married at her house at seven thirty. She fixed my hair and I helped her get ready for the wedding party. It was a good day. I then rode the bus back to the rooming house and waited for the time to pass until it was time to get married.

Our sweet little house-mother, or owner of the rooming house prepared a good dinner for all us girls, and I remember how hungry I was. I may have skipped food all day. Jittery nerves didn't bother my appetite. The girls helped me get dressed.

My wedding outfit cost less than one-hundred dollars, but it was beautiful.We didn't have a camera at the wedding, so there are no pictures. My mother-in-law made the wedding cake. It was a white cake with white icing. It was served with coffee. Our music was played on a record player. We stood before the fire place decorated with gladiolas. They were beautiful. The minister was a young friend from the Methodist Church. I can remember my nerves came to the forefront when the ring I had bought for my groom was a little snug and I had a little trouble getting it on his finger I began to giggle and couldn't stop. I soon got over that.

My sister-in-law who was three months pregnant went outside the house to help decorate our car, and when she returned to the house, she opened the wrong door to the house and fell down the stairs to the cellar. She wasn't hurt badly, but it ruined our wedding party It was like a dark cloud over the rest of the day.

We took a wedding trip to Memphis for the week-end., and then it was back to work on Monday.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Talk Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentines Day and it brought back lots of memories. I spent over fifty years with the Valentine that I chose to be me mine on February 21, 1947. I don't remember all the different little Valentines that I received in all those years, but this is remember, it was always Valentines Day. We loved each other and that was enough.

My first gift for Valentines was a lovely scarf. I can amost recall just how pretty it was, and I can imagine him thinking she will like this, and she can use this. Such a practical gift. I did like it and it was usefull, but what red blooded girl wants practical on such a special day. He never knew I was a bit disappointed in his choice of gifts.

Over the many years I received boxes and boxes of chocolates and roses. When the chocolates began to to change my figure, which wasn't so good to start with, I said enough. He said but I like the chocolates. Then I got roses, and they would die in a couple of days. That was when it was decided I would get the real thing. I got the roses bushes. That is when I really got to love growing roses. So with roses you get flowers every day. They adorn your garden and make beautiful bouquets for your table. It's like getting a gift every day and it's practical. We liked that.