Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Talk Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentines Day and it brought back lots of memories. I spent over fifty years with the Valentine that I chose to be me mine on February 21, 1947. I don't remember all the different little Valentines that I received in all those years, but this is remember, it was always Valentines Day. We loved each other and that was enough.

My first gift for Valentines was a lovely scarf. I can amost recall just how pretty it was, and I can imagine him thinking she will like this, and she can use this. Such a practical gift. I did like it and it was usefull, but what red blooded girl wants practical on such a special day. He never knew I was a bit disappointed in his choice of gifts.

Over the many years I received boxes and boxes of chocolates and roses. When the chocolates began to to change my figure, which wasn't so good to start with, I said enough. He said but I like the chocolates. Then I got roses, and they would die in a couple of days. That was when it was decided I would get the real thing. I got the roses bushes. That is when I really got to love growing roses. So with roses you get flowers every day. They adorn your garden and make beautiful bouquets for your table. It's like getting a gift every day and it's practical. We liked that.


  1. Beautiful memories, Mom. Love you too much. Linda

  2. made me laugh and cry! love you memaw!

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