Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's Up?

I haven't seen the sun in three days. I hope this is the day. The lake is running over and my yard is soaked, and the sky is still gray and it looks like more rain. Hopefully we will see blue skies real soon.

This is a good time to read a good book and I received one as a gift from Christmas. I must get started on it, but this weather doesn't put me in the mood to read. On a day like this I usually like to put something in the oven and cook it slowly so I can smell the aroma. I think I will do that and then maybe I'll get in the mood to read.

I don't have any projects that I need to be working on at the moment, so you might say I'm really bored. But you could say my Christmas project was a success. I made a puppet show for one of the great-grand children and she loved it. Wish I could have made one for each of them, but I'd have to have a factory to do that big job. Gotta a lot of kiddos. It's something to think about, and I will think about it. Some day!

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