Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Is Finally Here.

If you live out in the rural area, I mean country, in the south. You can hardly wait until the dull browns on the trees and grass are gone. My friend kept saying to me {March 20th is spring} and I do believe she is right this time.

Last night was a good night for sleeping. We even had a quiet shower during the night, and I slept late. The birds were so busy and noisy, the sound was beautiful. You have to live here to know what I mean. I made my usual breakfast of cereal and plenty of coffee, two big cups, and I was ready for the day. I did the few chores that needed done and then went out into the yard to see what was new.

It was as if our yard wake up from a long sleep. The peach trees, the crabapple, pear, and mayhaw trees are all in bloom. The azaleas, bridleswreath, sweet olive and camelia bush are in full bloom. Looks like heaven on earth. This with the azure of the sky, it's just about perfect.

To make it perfect, I've got to put out my humming bird feeder. I saw one of these beautiful little birds this morning. I also have to put out my little wren houses that I was given at Christmas. The little wrens were on my front stoop this morning looking for something to build their nest. I can help them out. Now, I'll just have to muster up enough energy to get outside an enjoy another spring. 

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  1. Oh to have that kind of weather where I am! Enjoy it, Mom. Maybe we will have spring before the end of the month. And maybe not. :(