Friday, November 9, 2012

Country School House.

In 1932 when I started to school, this was a whole new world to me. I had never been too far from home. We were sent to Sunday School and Church at the little Methodist Church on the corner of the street across from the Baptist Church My parents didn't go with us, I guess Mama was too busy with the little babies and trying to find food for all of us. We did go into the little town on Saturdays, as that was the day everybody gathered to visit and do their shopping, if they had the money to shop.

You have to remember the country was still in the depression, and there was the drowth, so times were hard. I don't know how the public schools got the money to open to the public again, but we were all happy to get to go to school.

Our school had two buildings, one for grades one through fourth grades. The other building was a two story building for grades five through twelve. On the first day of school all grades met for assembly in the auditorium in the big building. I can remember how scary that was to be in that big room with all those kids. We were told to follow our teachers back to our home rooms. This was a big day for me, I finally got to go to school.

Our school didn't have running water into the school. We didn't toilets inside the building. Our toilets were in outhouses. One for girls and one for boys. Each were on opposite sides of the yard. These little houses were not real close to our class rooms, so I,m sure there must have been a lot of wet panties before the day was over. Thankfully mine stayed dry. Imagine having to run to outhouse today. How lucky our children are today.

When we had recess we had to go outside to play. We had a slide and seesaws and a place to play ball, but on rainy days there was no place to play.

We had no lunch room, so we would take our lunch pail, paper bag or newpaper wrapped lunch and go outside to eat our lunch.  My lunch usually consisted of whatever we could find to put between a biscuit. Mom would make a special pan of biscuits just for lunch every day. If we were able to have meat at the time, we would have meat between the biscuit. If there was an egg, we had egg. Then were times when we had mashed beans in our biscuit. My brother said he would never tell what he had for lunch. If someone asked, he'd say this is so good. He would be too imbarassed to tell them what was in his biscuit.

At least we didn't go hungry.

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  1. Yes ma'am how lucky we are to have indoor plumbing!