Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frost on the Rooftop.

There is a nip in the air today. What a lovely sight to see frost on the rooftops this morning? It looked like fresh fallen snow. We know better because this is just November, and snow in the south is very rare. It does mean that there is frost on the pumpkins and it's nearly Thanksgiving. It is just a week away.

I can always remember the joy we had of being out of school for the holiday, and all the good food we would have on that day. My aunts and their families would come for the day. The house would be overflowing, and the smells from the little kitchen would make you wish dinner time would get there soon. My aunt always brought the right seasonings to make the dressing and baked chicken taste so good. We didn't have turkey, because we didn't raise turkeys. We raise chickens. The ladies must have been baking all week, we had all kinds of desserts. My aunt made a cake she called log cabin. It was baked in cornstick pans and iced with chocolate fudge icing. Boy, was it good. I've never been able to make one like that.

I can also remember the Thanksgiving when we were out of school. This year we still had cotton left in the fields that need to be picked. We had to help my dad pick the cotton that Thanksgiving morning. I can remember all the crying we did because we had to work on that day. But when we went home to lunch we had a big surprise. Mama had caught a couple of guinea hens and cooked them and made a big feast for all of us. We were so excited because we didn't expect a big Thanksgiving meal on that day. We grew pumpkins, so there must have been a couple of pies on the table,too. We were finish picking cotton for that year. 

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