Saturday, October 27, 2012

What A Day?

I had a some what interesting day yesterday. I got out of bed at the usual time. Went through all the usual routine. I had my coffee with a bit of bread pudding that was left over from the dinner the night before. That's not what I usually have for breakfast, but it was there and I ate.

I straightened up my little house and then showered and cleaned myself up a bit. Then I sat down to watch TV. I noticed a car coming up the drive and watched it as it parked on the drive near the lake. Then I thought it must be a friend coming fishing. They do that sometimes, but I am always told when this will happen. Then  the car move in front of my house. The door opens and a nice looking Sheriff's Deputy stepped out of the car. I thought what is he doing here. All kinds of things go through your mind. Was it gonna be good news, bad news or what?. They don't just come calling for no reason.

He walked up to the door and asked my name. He asked are you OK. Then he said my son had been trying to contact me and had been unable to get me. He called them to come check to see if I was OK. He asked me to call and tell him that I was OK,and I told him I would do so and he left. It really nice to know that everyone was looking out for me.

I immediately went to the telephone to call my son, and the telephones were dead. Then I thought of sending an Email. But before I did I went out to check if a squirrel had been hit by the transformer in our yard. That has happen two times before and I wanted to be sure what the trouble with the telephone was. I found no squirrel, so it must be the phone company. Anyway I sent an Email to let my son know I was safe and to call the phone to report it for me.

Thanks to the Sheriff's Department, thanks to my wonderful kids. I feel safe.


  1. Next time ask the officer to call your son for you. What if you had not had Internet? Time to get a mobile phone, don't you think? No Squirrels allowed on those phones!