Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanks for Cool Weather.

When you can curl up under a warm blanket at night, that's living. The air is fresh and cool and smells heavenly. Thankful for the nice rainy season we have enjoyed this year. Our lawn is beautiful and green on these fall days. It's really nice.

This cooler weather brings back gumbo, and I made some yesterday. We had a mallard duck and a goose in the freezer that was killed last season. So what better time to use it but now? I must say I thought it was delicious. Where in the world would you be able to find good gumbo like we have in south Louisiana?

I must admit I had never eaten gumbo like this until I moved to Louisiana many years ago. It took me a long time to really learn to make it, but I think I can now. This gumbo is pretty good. I may eat more of it for dinner.

I'm a country girl and I like home cooking. The smell of a pot of good food cooking on the stove couldn't be better. This is making me hungry. I've got to go find out what's cooking.

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