Monday, October 15, 2012

Son-in-law's Birthday.

Today is my son-in-law's Birthday, so we thought we would take a trip out to their house. to wish him a Happy Birthday. We baked some brownies for a treat and drove the thirty miles out to celebrate with him. It is a nice drive, and we arrived to find him asleep. That makes twice I've awakened him today. First thing I did this morning was to call to say Happy Birthday. My son-in-law is Dutch and it is one of his customs to call or visit the Birthday person. We took him a treat, but their custom is to treat their guest. We had tea and a good visit. Everybody was happy with that.

We took a walk around their beautiful yard. The roses were so pretty in their yard. Left us feeling very invious as our rose garden was eaten by bugs this summer. They have a fig tree that is loaded with figs. Hope they get ripe before frost comes. I love fig preserves, maybe I can have some.

This has been a long day for me. I woke up early this morning and have been feeling tired all day. I hope to do better tomorrow. So until then...

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