Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Did I sleep too long this morning? Did I eat the wrong kind of breakfast? I had the usual cups of coffee and cereal and banana. It was all good and satisfying, but I've got to get motivated to do something productive today. What can I do?

In the spring you call it spring fever. In the summer you say it is too  hot to do anything, so you find a nice cool place. But fall with this beautiful weather, what is the excuse? Oh I have plenty of those and some are excusable, but really.

I went out into the yard to see if anything needed a drink of water. Our little fall flower garden looks so bright and pretty. It didn't need water yet and it's supposed to rain soon. At least that's what the weather man keeps saying. So I didn't water the garden. I'll keep an eye on the flowers and water them later.

The dogs must feel like I do today. They are curled up on my front stoop, and they are fast asleep. I want disturb them, they look so peaceful. They probably had a sleepless night last night chasing wild things in their dreams. They need the rest.

I'll just keep looking for the motivation to get up and get started on this little project that I have been putting off. The holidays are creeping up on us and I've got to get busy.

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