Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lovely Fall Weather.

These cool nights are perfect for good sleeping. After being in the heat of summer as we have been for the past five months, it's such a blessing. The moon lit nights are beautiful too.

It would be nice to take a trip through the mountain to see the changing color of the leaves. We live near the pine forest and it's beautiful. And the wild flowers are pretty, but I want to get away. This journey that I am on has no destination. I can't complain, I've seen Paris, Amsterdam, London, Berne, Florence, Berlin and many more places in Europe. I've vacationed in the Alps and toured in Germany, France and Italy. I crossed the English Channel on the Hoover Scotter. I've toured the east coast of our country and vacationed in Canada. I've seen most of our United States. All this has been wonderful.

I really don't want to get away, I'd miss the sound of the little Wren that sings in the tree at my back door every morning. I'd miss watching the little humming birds as they feed getting ready for their long journey to South America. And I'd miss the little dogs that are so glad to see me when I venture out into the yard. I am happy where I am.

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