Friday, October 12, 2012

Elastic Stocking.

My sister called this morning and asked what I was doing. I was gasping and answered that I had just finished putting on my elastic stockings. If you have never done this chore, and I say that lightly, you've never worked very hard. First you must get down to your feet, and that's not easy. Now you've got to stretch this inner tube of an ugly stocking over your toes, then your heel, and then up to your knees. It was'nt fun. But I got it done, and I hope it does the job it's supposed to do.

My sister and I had a good visit on the telephone. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like to, but can spend time just talking. We talk about aches and pains, how things use to be, our grandchildren or whatever comes to mine. She is the one next to me in age, so we were pals while we were growing up. When we left home and got jobs, we lived together until we found husbands. Then we lived nearby for several years.

My little family moved away first. My husband got a better job and it was in another city. And then we moved to another state. Soon after she and her family moved to a different state. That made a great distance in mile, but we are still close sisters

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