Friday, August 9, 2013

We Have A TV At Last.

I watch too much TV. Since I am home alone so much of the time it helps me pass the time. I like to watch old movies.The old movies seem to have more good stories and I don't care to watch all the crazy car chases. I don't like all the violence, and I surely can't stand the four letter words. I'm certainly not a prude, but I've never thought they improved the thoughts in a movie. The movie " Gone With The Wind" one of the greatest, was the first to use a curse word. I must admit it was OK for Rhett Butler to say what he did. It was early in the fifties and everybody was buying a new TV. This new invention was bringing the world into our living rooms. Our friends were all buying TVs, but we didn't have one yet. We were invited to watch TV with our friends, but we not too excited yet. The reception was very poor, we watched through snow and listened to static. We waited until the reception improved. That's when we bought our first TV. We were so proud, now we had intertainment in our little house. We had this big piece of new furniture that we could watch the world in black and white. Colored TV was yet to come. I have some very fond memories of watching my little ones laughing at the " Howdy Dowdy Show" with Buffalo Bob, Clarabell the Clown and Howdy Dowdy in it. They liked to watch " Ding Dong School" every morning. We started our day with Dave Garraway and Fred the big chimp. That was the "Today Show" with the early news for the day. Our first TV picture was about fifteen inches and we could only get a couple of channels, but it was wonderful. At the time you could want no more.

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  1. Guess that makes us a part of the Peanut Gallery, Mom.