Monday, August 26, 2013


Faz is our family cat. He is a big yellow Tom cat that has been a member of our family many years. I'm not sure just how old he is, but comparing years, I'll say we are about the same age. I must say he gets around a little better than I do. He can climb up to his hi-rise appartment and get in his bed. There is where he relaxes most of the day. His cat bed is located on the top of the shelves located in the garage. His food bowl is located on the ledge near by. Nobody has it so good. It is a safe place. Nothing bothers him, he just does his own thing. Faz is a loving creature, he loves to snuggle and rub his face or tail around your legs. He is friends with the three dogs on the property. He adopted the new cat Rudy when he came to live with the family. Rudy is a short tailed tabby. He was only a kitten when he was rescued from the animal shelter. Faz and Rudy became friends right away. Faz let this little neutered Tom cat sleep in his bed with him. Fax is also a neutered cat. They were instantly friends. Last week the family went on a road trip. They placed plenty of food and water for the animals in their food bowls. They asked a relative to check on the animals to be sure they were not hungry or thirsty. When she came over to check on the animals and me, she found the cat bowl had a lot of food that had not been eaten. She opened the storage room to check and get more food for the dogs and she was greeted by Faz. He had gotten locked in the storage room when he got courious and went in to see what he could see. Nobody saw him go in, so he was locked in for two days. He was happy to be out and beat it to the food bowl. I'm sure the water taste good. We are all glad that he was found before he was harmed. The next day he was out letting the dogs love on him.

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