Monday, August 19, 2013

I Had A Dream.

Believe me this is not a Martin Luther King dream, I was not on a mountain top. I was not marching for a good cause as he was. I was fast asleep in my big bed, all cozy wrapped up with the sheet around my shoulders. It was a quiet night,even the dogs were quiet. The little wild creatures hadn't aroused them yet. Silence was golden. Suddenly I was awake. I wondered what had just happened. Then it occurred to me, this must have been a dream. I wouldn't call it a nightmare because it was a pleasant experience at times. I told myself that I must remember this dream, but when I awoke in the morning my mind was blank. I got out of bed and made my usual pot of coffee and then it came back to me. This is what I remembered. I was all dressed in my best Sunday clothes and I was in a large room with lots of people. I'm with friends or maybe relatives. There had been a convention and it was now over. Everybody was busy greeting friends and having a good. I remember visiting with some ladies that I hadn't seen in along time. We were having a good time visiting and I didn't see when friends I was riding with left the room. That's when I realized I had no ride home. I've never been one to get panicky, so I asked a young man who was talking to a young lady that I assumed was his wife or girl friend if he would drive me home. He immediately said sure and we started walking out of the room together. All of a sudden I realized the lady wasn't with us. What was I to do now. We had walked out of the building into the bad part of the city. I must get away from the man that was taking me home. I quickly ran down the street looking for a telephone. You don't see pay phones on the streets anymore. A lady came out of a place of business and asked me if I needed help. I asked to use the phone, and when I looked in my purse for telephone numbers I had none. I didn't remember any numbers of my family or friends. Then the phone rang, it was my brother-in- law saying where have you been. He also said that Kyle was sorry he had kicked me. So if you are reading this it is not a true story, it is just a dream.

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