Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Good Day.

This warm weather makes me think spring. Even I know it is just the beginning of December, but I think the maker has gotten things mixed up a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love this nice warm weather and my check book does too. I hate the high heating bills, but what I hate most is the repair bill. I had one of those this past week. On the coldest morning and days we've had this year my heater went on strike. I got out of bed in a cold house and when I turned the heat on I had no heat. I just did what any little ole lady would do. I went to the closet and got a blanket, curled up in my lounger with a hot cup of coffee and watched a movie.

Lucky as I am, it turned out to be a pretty nice warm day. The service man came the next day and fixed the problem. And then it turned warm again. Thank goodness it isn't so warm that I must turn on the cool air again. I don't like to pay big heating and cooling bills.

I'm beginning to think Christmas. Today my daughter and I drove out to a Christmas tree farm. I was not in the market for a live tree, but I did want to get some good cane syrup to put in my gingerbread men. I like to make them for my little grandchildren or whomever likes gingerbread. They make cute tree decorations also. It's nice to have some edibles on the tree. I like to make them and love the aroma when they are baking. So good. I like to decorate my packages with them. I tie them in the bow. They are really cute. I'll keep you all posted about how they turn out.

Oh! By the way, I didn't get the syrup at the farm. Have you priced a little jar of cane syrup lately? Don't worry, I'll get some somewhere.

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  1. Those gingerbread men were deeelish!!! Just like I remembered.