Friday, December 7, 2012

Remembering December 6, 1983

We were preparing for this day, had been for nine months. My daughter announced the good news to us as soon as she knew for sure about this event by telling me to start making Raggedy Ann Dolls. I had made those dolls for other grandchildren. We started planning a trip to Amsterdam to see this little one. It was an exciting time. This was our gift for Christmas that year.

We made arrangements to be off from work, and that wasn't easy. This was the Christmas season and the most important time of the year in the place where I worked. But they OKed my months leave anyway.

One the day we fly out of the airport it was snowing and the plane was late coming in. We sat and watched the snow come down and waited and waited. The plane arrived and we were on our way. The trip was uneventful and we were then in Amsterdam. My daughter and the proud daddy brought our little grandson to meet us at the airport. What a Christmas present? We got to enjoy our present for two weeks and then it was time to come home again. It was a special two weeks.

Yesterday was his Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Hope you had a good day. Love you. MM


  1. I had forgotten about the Raggedy Ann dolls story. And this was one of the coldest Decembers in the South. I remember how worried you two were that the water pipes at your house would freeze. Love you, Mom

  2. Thanks Memaw! Love you!! I had a great day yesterday...lots of work colleagues for happy hour after a hard days work. Today I had some friends over for movie night in the home theater :) Hope all is well!