Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Would My Father Think?

What would my father think if he looked down from Heaven and could see all his children? First he would probably say "Where is everybody?" "What is going on here?" It is a different world than the one he left in 1959. His family has grown so big that he would have to get a bigger place to live and he would have to work a lot harder to feed all these people. He would wonder just who they were. He would know his nine children and fifteen grandchildren, but there were more, many more grandchildren, great- grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Things have changed so much since he went away. He is not lonely in Heaven. He has Mama there with him and three of his daughters and two sons near him, so you see he keeps busy watching over them. He doesn't have to worry about the ones left on earth. They seem to be able to take care of themselves. He does have a fine family and he is proud. He is proud to know that he a poor dirt farmer who had only a third grade education had helped create this fine family. He is proud that he worked so hard to get an education for his nine children. Someone once told him he was killing himself trying to educate his children. He very much resented that remark. He was proud of all of us, and we are proud of him. The world has changed a lot since he went away. This is a place he would be lost in. Even I am amazed at the changes in my lifetime. I never dreamed I could sit in my easy chair and play games on my I-Pad or watch the news as it is happening on the TV. This month I have had a miracle in my eyes. My old God given lens were removed and new man made ones were put in their place. Now I can read without glasses. What a blessing? My father only had vision in one eye. He was nailing shingles on a house and a nail stuck him in the eye. In those days you had to just be blind. He was 80 years old when he died on November 11, 1959.

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