Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Depressed Is Not The Depression.

Last week some of my grandchildren were visiting and they started talking about some of the documentries they had seen on TV. They said they had never known about how the people suffered during that time. It was surprising to me that this was true. It should be in every history book. These things do happen and all should be aware of it. I am from a large family and I am a depression child. I remember how hard it was for my parents to provide food and clothing and a roof over our heads. We owned a small farm. Mama raised a garden and grew vegetables. We had a few chickens for eggs, a few cows for milk and a few pigs. My Dad grew cotton and corn. He had a couple of mules to pull the plow while he walked behind to guide the plow. It was hard work from sun-up til sun-down. There was never any money for extra things. We were happy to be able to be fed and taken care of. Our little house was bursting the seams with all the kids. All the beds were filled and then the twins were born. Now there were nine kids. Two more mouths to feed. My Dad lost the little farm to the bank because there was a drought and the crops failed. We had to move away from the little house he had built for Mama when they first got married. My Dad rented the little farm next to us and we moved into that house. It was a bigger house and we were happy for the extra room. Even though we had more room I had to sleep with a bed full of kids. It was usually my older sisters. They say the middle child gets the worst, and I can testify to that. We ate a lot of great northern beans and corn bread, that's what kept us healthy and strong through the depression.

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