Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rollercoaster Ride

When I was just out of high school and new to the city life, my friends and class mates who were in the same city called and asked me to meet them at the park. They were there as nursing students and I was in business school. I had never been in a big city before and I was really a "greenhorn". I knew nothing about the city, but I went to the bus stop and caught the bus and paid my 7 cents and went to the park.

We rode rides all afternoon and had a glorious time until the rollercoaster ride. I don't think I have ever been so afraid before or since then. I was so thankful when that ride was over. My friends enjoyed every moment of it. I never rode another one until I rode the Matterhorn at Disney World in California with my little five year old son many years later. I couldn't let him know how scared I was.So you see I can be brave in bad situations.

Since I wrote my last blog several months ago I have been on a rollercoaster of a different sort. This has been pretty scary, too. Thanks to my girls I have spent a lot of their time carting me back and forth to doctor's offices and the druggist to make me feel better. If medication will make a new body, I should be about done by now. I take so many different kinds of meds that I have to keep books on them. I need a good bookkeeper. I read my medical history the other day and I'm amazed that I can still get up every morning and do as well as I do. This has been and is the ride of my life and I'm not ready to get off yet.


  1. Outstanding writing! You are back and even better than before. Could it be the meds? ;))))