Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Is Still In The Air In The South.

The dry weather is beginning to make all the lawns brown in our part of the country. The calendar tells us it is the beginning of the fall season, but if you live around here you know the seasons get pretty mixed up. I just finished sweeping the leaves from around my front entrance, and I found it to be pretty hot outside. I was eager to hurry so I could back inside so I could cool off. A cool glass of fruit juice did the trick for me.

I love the fall season when the leaves on the trees begin to turn so many different colors. My little house sets on the very edge of the pine forest, and we are wealthy in beautiful trees in the yard. Now that they are beginning to show their colors you know the cool weather will follow soon.

I miss the harvest time in the northern part of the state where I once lived. We lived near the fields where cotton and corn was grown. It was amazing how quickly the farmers could bring in the big equipment and harvest the corn and cotton. There was a corn field near our property and I watched how they picked the ears of corn, shelled the kernels from the ears, and then cut up the stalks in one operation. The cotton picking machine did the same. It picked the cotton and baled it and bagged it ready to be hauled to the gin. At the gin the seeds are removed and the fluffy cotton is baled, it is then sent to the factories. The seeds are also processed and used in many ways.

The little humming birds know when it is time to prepare for their trip south. They have been gathering around the feeders eating and getting ready for their journey. They are so interesting to watch as they fight for a feeding spot at the feeder. They provide hours of entertainment, they are so beautiful. We will  miss them until next spring when they come back again.

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  1. I keep waiting for cool weather so I can work in my veggie and flower beds. Maybe this weekend?