Monday, November 4, 2013

Another Beautiful Fall Day.

All winter you stay inside where it is cozy and warm. You can't wait until spring is here. Spring comes with all the spring flowers, the warm spring showers and the grass is growing, the the work begins.. You must mow the grass, the vegetable garden need planting, the flower beds need weeding, and then comes the long hot days. Everything comes in cycles. When will cool weather get here?

Today we are into November. Glorious November. The nights are cold enough for an extra blanket and a sweater feels so warm and cozy,in the mornings. The leaves on the trees are turning into big bouquets of beautiful fall colors. It's like God took his paint brush and gave everything a new coat of paint before he put them to sleep. What a pretty picture?

Yesterday our family took advantage of this special fall weather to celebrate the up-coming birth of another baby boy that will be born in December. We will be blessed in December, two baby boys. We are looking forward to both their births. What is more exciting than expecting two little boys at Christmas?

Thanks go to their Auntie Em for planning this party for her sister. She did a great job. It was good for me to see all the family and friend. I enjoyed seeing the grown-up friends of my grandchildren. I remembered them as little kids or teens. Years make a lot of difference, they forget that I taught some of them how to fish. It was a good day.


  1. Sorry we missed this special day. Linda

  2. It was a fun party! I can wait to see those boys when they come!